This is a community united by a simple yet powerful peer-to-peer platform. It was launched on 20 October 2017 with a long term view and simplicity in mind. This is the most adaptive system, a first of its kind, it responds to changes and dynamically adjusts itself in order to maintain balance and safegaurd its existence, Welcome to K# TAG!


There is strength in unity and true financial freedom requires the right mindset, a balanced lifestyle and most importantly, good use of the knowledge of basic financial literacy at a personal level. In addition to the platfrom, look out for an online personal financial basics learning portal. Due to this ideology, our presentations begin with a brief on basic financial literacy as taught by the likes of Rich Dad and motivations borrowed from Napoleon Hill.

strenght in unity

No one ever made it alone, hence this platform uniting members in need of help and those with help. Members donate to each and earn 75% growth on their TAGs. In the absence of greed, it is possible to pool our efforts and benefit from working together.


TAGers earn 75% growth monthly of any amounts they contribute. The system has been developed to be used to create residual income by providing help regularly. There is an passive 20% recommitment each time members CASH out. This is to help keep the system healthy.


Wealth in the hands of a financially illiterate person disapears fast into thin air. The ideology of K# TAG is based on proper financial education to help members improve their financial skills. The world we live in revolves around money yet the subject of money is not well taught in the 16 years of schooling!


There is a once off R200 registration bonus, 5%, 3%, 2% & 1% referral bonuses on all TAGS for level 1 to 4 referrals. Remember the golden advice at K# TAG, TAG regularly and create a constant stream on income.

Growing FastIn Southern Africa

Built to last

Through good system measures and members following the residual income advice, the system will stand the test of time and benefit everyone.

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