Hello and Welcome to the frequently asked questions, a collection of typical questions asked by members and potential members. More FAQs will be added as and when encountered. If your question is not covered here, please create a support ticket on your PO or email directly.

What are the benefits at K# TAG?

A welcome bonus of R200 on sign up and activation, 75% monthly growth on TAGs, 5% direct referral bonus, 3%, 2% and 1% for the rest of referrals to level four.

Is recruiting compulsory at K# TAG?

Nop, it’s not compulsory, users can must submit testimonies upon receiving CASH tags. Should you refer members, you get the benefit of unlimited referal bonuses indeed.

Is my info safe on the site?

The website is secure to safegaurd user information (check green lock on address bar). It is also hosted on a long term renewable contract unlike 'certain' platforms. The participation range is R200 to R15 000 and will be reviewed regularly.

What is the registration process?

Go to a referral link or Click SIGN UP and enter valid details. Check your email for an activation & members chat group link (the welcome bonus will be activated too).

What’s after account activation ?

Login, verify your details, create your first TAG (PH) under the OFFICE tab on your dashboard. Check the WALLET tab for daily growth and your bonus. Wait for your allocation (up to 7 days) and check your emails regularly for notifications.

If I failed to honor my TAG order?

Your order gets cancelled and you get suspended. Your growth is lost, fund deleted and you must create another order and start from zero growth. Rather negotiate a time extension with the recipient, always.

Best Way to Participate?

TAG, withraw, keep profits and TAG again and repeat the process, this will help you accumulate profits from the sysytem.

Can I set Dream Duration ?

Aa-a, no dream. From day 21 you can withdraw if funds are paid and confirmed, or leave the funds until you need them. Growth stops in three months, you must withdraw and TAG again to gain growth again.

will there be any changes?

Absolutely! Change is the only thing that's constant and to survive longer, the system must respond. Rules and limits will be reviewed in the interest of making this community last a long time.

How else is K# TAG UNIQUE?

Growth is limited to 3 months. K# TAG is the only platform with the ideology of an online financial education learning portal which will be launched once ready.

How does the recommitment work ?

This has been recently reviewed. From now onwards, the system allocates you 80% of your CASH-out and freezes 20% for 30 days. Regular TAGing is promoted!

Is K# TAG a Keeper System ?

Nop. Among other things, The K# TAG forecasting Algorithm varies the dispatch of orders to balance the system, a variable growth rate, TAG and CASH out limits are part of the strategy but these will be communicated via POs when such steps are neccessary.

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